CODEN with networks will help lead coast communities to achieve empowerment through by inculcating five community values and principles i.e.

1. Knowledge is power – CODEN believes that the broad challenges affecting the region are as a result of lack of information or knowledge especially on the irreparable consequences of their actions, practices, culture, behavior, attitudes and beliefs. Lack of information and knowledge on where, how and when to access quality services in education, health, environment and sanitation makes coast communities miss out in current opportunities to achieve empowerment. With devolution, coast communities need to be informed of the services and programs that have day to day effect of their wellbeing.

2. Teach a man how to fish – CODEN believes that coast communities should be trained to be self-reliant, self-sufficient, and empowered enough to be able to individually work hard to enhance access to quality education and health meanwhile be able to understand, attract and benefit from devolution.

3. You Vs us, our role, our responsibility – CODEN believes that coast communities will achieve empowerment if they took responsibility and become proactive in looking for solutions to their own problems including proactively understanding and benefitting from available opportunities brought about by devolution. This is as opposed to the mentality that the community awaits the government or sponsors to solve all their problems.

4. Community challenges can be addressed by community through networking and sharing of talents-challenges in coast are very diverse, deep routed and almost part and parcel of communities who are in their comfort zones. To overcome coast community problems hindering empowerment as stated by CODEN programs, there is dire need to establish networks, form partnerships, create collaborations and continuously engage multi agencies to contribute time, resources, professional ideas and extended networks, bringing together all coast communities for training, mentorship and exposure to professional networks

5. Transformational approach which translates to mean “our well-being is our responsibility and that our solutions lie within us”-CODEN believes challenges of coast communities are best known and understood by the coast communities, and in fact solutions to these challenges still lies within and among the coast communities. Lack of knowledge on how to solve challenges may be the main reason solutions seem to come from outside and majorly from donors.CODEN believes that creating cohesion, interaction, training programs, mentorship programs and overall sensitizations among coast communities will give coast communities an opportunity to identify their problems and establish programs to mitigate those problems