CODEN Flagship

CODEN programs are dictated by the overarching problems of the Coast well known to result in poverty and include:

1. Education – CODEN is concerned about the reported low literacy levels & academic performance below national average. CODEN is aware that community empowerment trickles from good leadership and governance and coast communities ought to undergo civic education to realize this.

2. Health/water/sanitation-Most of Coast communities cannot afford access to quality services in health, water & sanitation. Most of coast communities are in fact ignorant on where and how to access these services.

3. Environment – CODEN is concerned about both physical and social environment to support agriculture, education, health and protect vulnerable members of coast communities from dangers due to drugs, school drop outs and teen pregnancies.

CODEN understands that the main cause of lack of empowerment in Coast communities arise from culture, attitudes, behaviors, beliefs & practices which generously contribute to ignorance, poverty& eventual feeling of marginalization.