What is a task force?
A taskforce is a group of people formed to carry out a specific mission or project, or to solve a problem that requires a multi-disciplinary approach.

Why task forces

  1. To create a culture of accountability
  2. To implement and manage diverse activities
  3. To monitor tasks from beginning to end
  4. To properly define roles and assignments
  5. To groom members for leadership in different spheres of life
  6. To build team work among members

Task Forces

Fund raising

Identification of companies with CSR and donors

Identification of partner organizations

Writing and reviewing of proposals

Presentation of proposals to prospective donors and government agencies. These will include but is not limited to pitching proposals to companies, MCAs, County Government, National Government and International bodies.


  1. Bold
  2. Great writing skills
  3. Great presentation skills
  4. Great attention to details
  5. Results oriented
  6. Great problem solving skills
  7. Great leadership skills

Marketing and PR

Recruitment and on boarding of skilled professionals

Recruitment and on boarding of members at grass root level

Creating publicity on social media

Branding of T-shirts, cups, pens and other items

Creating publicity on radio, TV and print. This will include going for radio and TV talk shows.


  1. Eloquent
  2. Creative
  3. Great negotiation skills
  4. Hospitable
  5. Big heart to serve
  6. Can do attitude
  7. Great networking skills


Sending reminders on quarterly contributions

Book keeping

Preparation of financial statements

Acquisition of alternative payment methods e.g paybill etc

Financial advisors on growth of available funds

Ensuring taxes are filed on time

Seeking approval from exec for budget requests


  1. Attention to detail
  2. Firm and not easily swayed
  3. Love for numeracy
  4. Entrepreneur spirit

Organizing Committee

Organizing CODEN meetings and events

Organizing exchange programs


  1. Love working with calendars and schedules. Plans ahead
  2. Able to meet deadlines
  3. Great negotiation skills
  4. Good at making checklists
  5. Has almost all professionals in phone book.

Community Mobilisers

Mobilizing members at grass root level to attend functions

Seeking approvals from relevant authorities

Pitching CODEN to communities

Great for someone with leadership aspirations

  1. Can move masses
  2. Very persuasive
  3. Very diplomatic. Can remain neutral when tempted to pick sides
  4. Very pro active
  5. Indepth knowledge about communities beliefs, values and culture



Writing of minutes, reports, publications

Custodian of CBO documents


  1. Very confidential
  2. Able to multi task
  3. Fast paced
  4. Great writing skills

Rules of engagement

  1. All members are equals
  2. Members to introduce themselves first. (Name, location, interests)
  3. Task forces will have a facilitator present task status after every two weeks.
  4. Groups to decide whether to have one facilitator or work on rotational basis
  5. Members to seek to understand others before seeking to be understood
  6. Members to respond without mentioning names
  7. Members to notify immediately there’s tension or conflict